The Blog

Popul-IR is about analysing how popular culture texts reflect issues of politics and international relations. It covers a wide range of topics relating to foreign policy, political science, international economy, technology and international security.

Although I refer to key IR and political science concepts and theories from time to time, this is not an academic blog. I want the content of the site to be ‘fun’ (in a nerdy kind of way) and accessible to a wide audience – from academics to casual observers of IR and political science.


I’m Gareth – an obsessive IR and politics nerd. I have the serious affliction of having to analyse everything I watch, listen and read, no matter how trivial it is (did you know that Peppa Pig is actually an exploration of socialism??).

I graduated from the Australian National University in Canberra in 2014 with a Bachelor of International Relations/Asia-Pacific Security (Hons.) and worked for several years as a management consultant in the public/non-profit sectors. I now live in Edinburgh where I work as a social research consultant and imagine the day when I might be able to blog full-time.